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We designed our plans as a standard that meets most of the needs of businesses and individuals. In addition, our plans are customizable by adding extra options.


All plans have the same basic features


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CUE-WEB designs all websites to automatically adjust based on the size of the screen on which they are displayed on, no matter if it is desktop, tablet or mobile.


All websites are secured with SSL certificate, so sensitive data remains encrypted and secured, protection against brute force attacks and mallewars.


There are plenty of new options and features that can be added to your website so that you don’t have to replace your website at any point in the future.



The SEO basic are the essential requirements to make a website easy to find the internet. We add keywords, and use sitemap to make your website findable, we link your website to google search console to check how your website performs for organic search, which pages are indexed and in which position.


The tools allow you to assess and analyze the performance of your website, understand the behavior of your visitors and where they are coming from, assess your website conversion rate and a lot more important data.


All plans come with free support for the first six months in case there are technical issues or questions about how to manage your website.


The website contains video or photo gallery


The site will contain links to the most used social media platforms


We regularly back up your website so there is always the latest version of the backup.


We will add your business location on the google map.



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Extra options

Extra support

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A website must be maintained so that it always works optimally, and always remains safe. If this is not done, the chances of being hacked are higher and you cannot guarantee the safety of your and your customers data.

We will carry out a monthly scan, maintain and update your website..

Monthly subscription €10

SEO Plus

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  • Intensive  searching for keywords and analysing which is best for your website.
  • Optimizing metadata and tags.
  • Optimizing titles, images, keywords, descriptions.
  • We write 1 landing page with optimized texts, titles, images, keywords, description and internal link building.
  • Connecting your website to google SEO tools.

1- Google Analytics.

2- Google search console.

3- Google business.

One time €430


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To achieve a higher searching result for both organic and paid search, you need to take the website content into account.

Website content is one of the factors that has a major impact on your website performance and can affect your business online, since it has two roles for communication:

The first is to improve the communication and Persuade clients with your services, building trust, increasing sales, and to reach your marketing goals.

The second is to improve the search engine results: Search engines algorithms assess your website content and keywords, the smarter and valuable content you have on your website, The better result you will get in search engines for both organic and paid search results, that will drive more traffic to your website and will increase your conversion goal.

Starting from €250

Frequently Content updating

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To be able to show potential clients and competitors that you are at the forefront in the market, you always need to update your website with new content and visual materials which spot the light on your competitive advantages, quality, services and offers.

Cue web will create professional visual content for your website and update your website content frequently.

Check the hourly rate & subscription
  • Our hourly rate is € 40 for the first hour, then € 30 per hour.
  • Monthly subscription for 3-6-12 months € 75, inclusive
    3 hours per month or project, any additional hours cost € 30 per hour.

Custom website

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Customize and design your websites.
For that we recommend you to fill the form.
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Licensed security software

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For higher level of security, you can choose a licensed trusted security software.
Frequently scan, tracking any abnormal changes on your website.
Protection against brute force attack, mallewars and spam filters.

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Cue Web offers complete creative solutions for your success online.


Graphic design

The powerful and stunning design leave a memorable impression of your brand or company,Based on this, we start the design process to create a unique corporate identity for your company.


Photos are powerful and effective when it comes to the number of goals you can achieve by using photo design.

The look and feel of the Photos can reflect the messages and identity of your company.

Plan a photo shoot appointment to take professional photos of your facilities, products, production, operations, meetings and your team.



Video footages are among the most effective visual content used on the web,
– video content can explain and refer to your advantages that distinguish you from the competitors.
– highlights the characteristics of your product or service.
– shows products in action.
– 84% of consumers become convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video.
Most people interact with a 15 to 30 second video about business or services more then reading every detail on your website, no matter how good and valuable your content is.

You film we create.

Creating a stunning video with titles and your logo, or by adding attractive motion graphics to the videos you already have or you have made yourself.

15 second of 10 min video

30 min of 15 min video

We film and create.

We will Film and create video content for your products or services or your company, from inception to completion taking into account your budget.



We host your website

We host your website

Cue-web hosts your website with an annual subscription.
Your hosting plan meets your website’s needs fast, sufficient disk space, and Secured with SSL certificates.

Cueweb hosting

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